Healthy young adult participants were run on the following tasks in sequence: animal-tool functional localizer, pre-conditioning resting state, fear conditioning functional study using animals and tools as conditioned stimuli and electric shock as an unconditioned stimulus, and post-conditioning resting state. The labels "pre" and "post" in the database correspond to the resting state data taken immediately before and immediately after the fear conditioning study, respectively, from the same research participant.
Principle Investigators and Senior Personnel:
  • Kevin S. LaBar, PhD, Professor
  • Acknowledgements:

    Data were collected by Joseph E. Dunsmoor and Philip A. Kragel

    This dataset includes:

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    Aversive learning modulates cortical representations of object categories Dunsmoor, J. E., Kragel, P. A., Martin, A., & LaBar, K. S. (2014). Cerebral Cortex, 24, 2859-2872.

    This study was funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH 3 R01 MH027802-S1).


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